Why outsource in Argentina?

When looking for a new development partner, make sure to check out on everything Argentina has to offer.


More for your money.

Argentina already was a top destination to outsource software development. When suffering from a severe depreciation of its peso (ARS), it now allows more competitiveness for your money. 

Argentina can compete internationally with countries such as India, Vietnam or Eastern Europe, since its median salary for developers is just a fraction of the American or Western European salaries, and no quality is compromised because of this.


A culture that promotes innovation.

Buenos Aires is ranked #1 in Latin America as for Innovation Cities Program  and #60 worldwide, even ahead Kyoto, Dusseldorf, Abu Dhabi, CDMX, Auckland and Rio de Janeiro. Being surrounded by an innovative culture, makes is a thriving city where to find your perfect outsourcing match.


Solid educational system.

The country has a longstanding tradition in higher education, with universities that are recognized worldwide by the quality of their curricula. While there are many important private institutions, the most prominent university -Universidad de Buenos Aires- is public and remains firmly among the top 100 Universities in the world according to QS ranking.


An incredible convenient timezone.

 If you have worked with offshore teams, you know the pains that being in a distant timezone means. Argentina is on GMT -3, making it’s workday three hours behind Western Europe, and just one hour ahead New York, Miami or Quebec. 

Also, Buenos Aires has great flight connections, with non-stop flights from NY, Miami, London, Paris, Rome, Auckland, and most Latin American capitals.


Highest English level in Latin America.

According to the English Proficiency Index by EF, Argentina has the highest English level in Latin America, and occupies the 27th place in the global list, outranking India, Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand. 

Fennoma’s team is proficient in English, and ready to work seamlessly with yours. 

If you’re looking for English proficiency + diverse and professional culture

+ quality of development + a convenient timezone, your quest leads to Argentina.

Ready to take the leap? Get in touch and learn all the benefits we have to offer. 

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