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AB InBev


Otto Bemberg founded Quilmes malting in 1888, which is nowadays part of Anheuser-Busch InBev. It’s one of the largests consumer goods companies in Argentina.

We were contacted by the trade marketing team, with the urge to optimize operative times for in stores data collection processes, in order to measure execution (visibility and availability of products in points of sale). Their current process consisted in computing 5000 POS all over the country with a team of +30 supervisors, and between 40 to 50 variables per survey.

This process was made by the supervisor manually, with a physical spreadsheet (inside the POS), and afterwards transcribing it to a digital spreadsheet before sending it to their manager. Then, the area manager had to manually add each spreadsheet to a general one and finally he was able to start analysing the gathered information.


  • To lower times used in data collection. 
  • To decrease human error in data entry.
  • To improve and automate reporting processes
  • To obtain real time inputs for a better -and faster- decision making.

Delivered Solution

The main part of the job was in developing a solution to facilitate data entry, looking forward to leaving paper spreadsheets behind for an intuitive Android app. 

Then, with the development of a web app (merged to the Android app), we’ve automated reporting processes, and eliminated all redundant tasks (such as spreadsheets compilation) allowing a faster and cleaner read-through of data.    .


Less time in data collection


Decrease in data entry human error


Decrease in access time to KPIs


Productivity increase for POS area

Mobile app for field surveys

The app was developed to allow the collection of a large amount of data (over 40 variables) with the least possible touches.  

Additionally, it works on and offline in a seamless way, uses geolocation to manage and schedule work and offers information of previous surveys for a better understanding of records, aiming for real time follow-ups.    


Web app for managing and reporting

Thanks to this app, the area manager receives the informacion of all surveys in real time, and is able to create reports to know, instantly, the status of the whole operation.

The tool also allowed to set up the attributes of surveys, contracts, supervisors, price lists and control thresholds.


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