On-line stock availability and ordering system

Farmacity (Pharmacy + Retail)


With over 20 years and almos 250 stores countrywide, Farmacity is one of the largest pharmacy and retail chains in Argentina. 

With an increasing adoption of new technologies (better communication networks and growth in the smartphone usage), there is a huge potential for the improvement of the company’s services. Once user’s pain points were detected, the retail chain decides to implement a system aiming in a better communication with their customers and adding the option to easily request for medications.  


  • The company sell over 2800 medications from over 100 pharmaceuticals.     
  • Taking in account other categories (healthcare, personal care, beauty and home), Farmacity has over 15.000 SKUs. 
  • What can the company do to ease the allocation and purchase of products to their clients all across the country?
  • Develop a brand new contact channel that has to be relevant, efficient and truly useful. 


Delivered Solution

We’ve developed native apps for Android and iOS from an API solution for data consultation in real time.

We’ve also added geo tracking, stores details (address, phone number, list of provided services at each store and other relevant information).

The main search allowed to look for medications by drug or brand name or scanning the barcode, while also searching for current availability in stores.

Finally the customers could choose other products from the store, add them to their shopping list and immediately know which store had all the items. 





Monthly Users

A new communication channel

Farmacity’s maing goal was to offer a new service for their customers, sharing internal information regarding stock availability. 

The app was developed arround the user experience, offering them an innovative and easy to use tool. 

The app meant an increase in the overal user experience and a growth in the company’s NPS rates.

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