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Banco Davivienda – Colombia (Banking)


In 1972 the Corporación Colombiana de Ahorro y Vivienda Coldeahorro was founded. With their headquarters in Bogota, and three centers for customer attention in the country’s main cities: Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla. Nowadays Banco Davivienda S.A. acquired HSBC’s operations in Central America, reinforcing their presence in the region and growth as a top notch banking institution. 

We were contacted by the area of Payment Systems with the need for the development of a new digital transactional channel, and offering their clients a virtual wallet. The idea was to create an app that was integrated to the bank’s financial services (login, password management, credit card payment and management) and that allowed the use of credit cards for in-app payment for third parties services to be offered.   

As an example of those external services we could mention: QR payment, membership points, food ordering (order ahead and delivery options), restaurant booking and shared payment (users would be able to choose which items of the bill to pay with the app, or how to split the bill with other diners), booking and payment of parking spaces among many other options.


  • Developing of a new payment option
  • Developing an external app, integrated to the bank’s financial services, abbiding to their processes and security standards. 
  • Merging a large number and variety of third-parties services.

Delivered Solution

Working from scratch, we began with the product thinking, focusing on the concept and an innovative UI. A robust architecture which allowed merging with the bank’s financial services was to follow. And the last stage was developing of integration to third parties options, mentioned earlier. It was a state of the art solution for the Colombian market, which was widely adopted with great feedback form users. 

Third-parties services merged

Transactions in the first 30 days since launch

Business added in just one month

USD traded during the first month of use

Mobile wallet

The cornerstone of the project was developing a virtual wallet, where the user had access and managing options to their Davivienda’s credit cards.

As an added feature, users could generate a virtual pre-paid card, which same functionalities than a regular credit card and which could be topped up from the app itself.  


Integration with third-parties services

Once the virtual wallet was developed, the next instance was the integration with third parties features. The main goal was to offer the clients with a broad range of services that could be paid using Davivienda’s credit cards. 

Among the offered options clients would be able to find entertainment an dinning: food order ahead and delivery, restaurant bookings, split and partial payment of restaurant accounts, booking and payment of parking spaces and many other alternatives. 


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