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The story behind millions of source code lines

Who we are… 

In 2010 two friends and partners started developing apps for third parties. They created an innovative transit solution which lead to susbsidies and acknowledgment.

This project was the cornerstone of Fennoma, that hasn’t top growing since then. 

Today, 10 years later and with over 100 developed projects, Fennoma has consolidated as one of the main software factories in Buenos Aires.

What do we do?

Bussiness developments, software, mobile apps and middleware. 

We help companies in their digital transformation process. We acompany them in developing tailored solutions, for that everyday at Fennoma is different and challenging.

Fennoma in numbers… 

Talented staffers

Years in business

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Executive team

Ignacio García Hourquet

Ignacio García Hourquet

Co-Founder / CEO

Julian Vega

Julian Vega

Co-Founder / CTO

Federico Zaiatz

Federico Zaiatz


Diego Mouriño

Diego Mouriño

Lead Web Dev

Francisco Tamburri

Francisco Tamburri

Lead Mobile Dev

Martina Kaufman

Martina Kaufman

New Business Development

ISO 9001 Certified

Both our Quality Management System, and work methods are audited and certified by ISO 9001:2015 International Norm, comprehensive of development and support of mobile and web apps.

In Fennoma we believe in quality as an essential value, looking forward to deliver our customers with a service of the highest quality.

Life at Fennoma


How smart are your business processes?

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“Endless beta” mode, Fennoma’s approach for undertaking projects

Co-founded by two young engineers, Fennoma Fundada por dos jóvenes ingenieros, Fennoma was quickly positioned in the app development market for corporate solutions. Now is diversifying into videogames and  investing in a start-up.  The following article is in Spanish,...

Fennoma, the Argentinean developer that makes Cristiano Ronaldo dance

Federico Zaiatz and Ignacio García are the founder of this company, which has already developed 46 apps for clients like Disney, Bimbo and Colgate. This year they aim to post a turnover of $2 mm. The following article is in Spanish, as originally published.Federico...

Custom software to improve your company`s profit.

Fennoma is a software company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We are always looking for new talent for part-time and full-time positions.  Would you like to join our team? Click the button below and get in contact.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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